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  • Is it organic? Yes, as organic as possible.

  • Is it sustainable? Yes, the more you use it the more it will provide.

  • Is it healthy? Yes, healthy eating, healthy activities, healthy state of mind.

  • What can I grow? Generally you can grow anything you like (flowers or vegetables or both).

  • Can I grow flowers? Yes.

  • How much should I grow? We suggest 9 square feet per adult.

  • How do I keep pests out? We have critter cages to protect from animal damage.

  • How often do I need to water? We recommend watering at least daily in the morning. We also have automated drip systems available.

  • How much maintenance is required to keep my garden thriving? We suggest setting aside at least 5 minutes everyday.

  • What if I have no gardening experience? We can garden for you or teach you along the way.

  • What do I do if I go on vacation? We do provide babysitting services.

  • What locations/areas are covered by your gardening services? Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding area within 15 miles of Fargo/Moorhead.

  • Do I own my garden? You can buy or lease, whatever works best for your situation. Neither will require financing.

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