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Square Foot Gardening On A Smaller Scale
  1. Place all of the soil mix in the garden

  2. Water the soil mix well.

  3. Let the garden sit outside in a sunny location for 24 hours.

  4. Water well again the next day.

  5. Smooth out the soil nice and level.

  6. With a pencil, poke one hole in the center of each little square about a 1/2 inch deep.

  7. Being very careful, plant one seed in each hole. Try using a different seed in each hole.

  8. Gently fill the hole with soil mix and pat gently.

  9. Give your garden another little drink of water just on top of each seed you just planted.

  10. Keep your garden outside in a sunny location or on your deck or in a sunny window.

  11. Every day, check your Square Inch Garden and if the soil mix is dry, give your little garden a drink of water.

  12. After about 4 days, look closely in the center of each little square and soon you will see your plants grow.

  13. Keep watching and checking every day to make sure that they have enough water. 

  14. As your plants grow, see if you can guess what each plant is.

  15. Check the Little Sprouts page for pictures of what each little plant should look like, and later we will reveal what each plant is. 

  16. Enjoy your little garden and don't forget, you will have to try a bite of each vegetable when it is ripe.

  17. Visit this website to learn how you can cook and enjoy each of the plants you are growing.

  18. Keep Those Fingers Dirty! 

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