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My name is Brian and I am so excited to be able to become a part of the Square Foot Gardening team. I remember as a high school kid watching Mel’s PBS show in the mid 80’s during the winter up here in the Red River Valley of the North in Breckenridge, MN, 45 miles south of Fargo, ND, when it would be 20 below zero and thinking “Can’t wait for spring!” I was born and raised in Breckenridge MN a small farming community in the heart of the Red River Valley. In high school I worked for a Sunflower and Corn research facility where I would work in the breading nurseries in the summers and the green houses during the winters trying to cross the next most perfect ear of corn. My how things have changed.


In 1988 I joined the Breckenridge Fire Department as a volunteer and remained so for 21 years. Later that same year I joined on the Breckenridge Ambulance Service as a volunteer EMT and did so for 18 years. In 1992 I went to work for the Minnesota Department of Transportation as a Highway Maintenance worker (Plowing Snow and mowing road ditches) I worked my way up to highway construction and gained my degree in Civil Engineering and Surveying Technology at NDSCS in 1998. Also during this time I served as the Emergency Manager for Wilkin County and the City of Breckenridge receiving MN Emergency Manager of the Year in 2002 and was Named to the MN Governors Board of Fire Fighting Safety and Training in 2004. I continued with MnDOT for several more years in surveys and Right of Way capacities. In 2004 I left MnDOT to teach Civil Engineering and Surveying Technology at NDSCS and did so for ten years attaining the position of Associate Professor. I also continued to make progress on my Degree in post- secondary education. I have a great amount of experience in online development and instruction, instructional design and curriculum development along with traditional academia experience.


I once again made a career change in 2014 an left NDSCS to take the position of Engineering Training Manager for North Dakota State Universities Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute where I research, develop and deliver certification training to engineering professionals throughout the upper mid-west. I still hold and have since 2012 an adjunct faculty position at Minnesota State University Moorhead in the Construction Management program and teach specifically Surveying, Highway/Heavy Construction Materials, Statics, and structural components. All along my journey I have kept a keen interest in gardening and landscaping. I have been active in SFG for most of my life in various ways with my making a large change just two years ago when we moved to a new home with limited yard space. Ever since then, I have been asked to give advice and ideas and to help others build their little slices of heaven. I explain the SFG system and “Tylenol Free Gardening”. This year I have been again asked to help and one friend suggested that I teach the method and as they say, here I am. I am in the planning stages of kicking off full speed yet this spring here in Moorhead, where I intend to gain access to about 1000 sq feet of gardening area to host a season long successful gardening hands on training. I am also a certified John Maxwell trainer and I do masterminds and leadership seminars and I am always tying gardening and leadership together and I love the way I can share my passion for leadership, gardening and my faith in such a positive way. I am a truly passionate person who only wants to add value to others and pass on to others what has been passed on to me and what I have also learned along the way. 


I hope that Mel is with us for many more healthy years and I want to be able to keep his dream and passion alive. I feel that my experience and knowledge will make for a good match with your great organization. If ever you would like to visit more, contact me at your convenience at (701) 640-8985 or email me at

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