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Welcome to Square Foot Gardening for the Red River Valley

Gardening in the Red River Valley of the North can be a difficult endeavor. We are on the boarder of zones 3 and 4 which tells us that we have our last frost around May 15 and first frost around Sept 15, that is only 120 growing days and a whole lot of winter.

With SFG techniques that we developed and improved by the creator Mel Bartholomew and 30 years of gardening experience we can extend that growing period substantially. The most fertile soil in the United States is found on the lake bed of ancient Lake Aggisiz. But just below that is some of the most miserable clay found anywhere. Trying to amend soils that have been distrurbed due to housing development and construction is an exercize in futility. By using the new methods of applying Mel's Mix, we no longer have to try to improve something as resistant to change as fat clay.

I am glas that you have taken the time to look around and please make this site a favorite place to come to find information, resources and a calendar of events all related to gardening in the Red River Valley.

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