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Back To Winter

Today was a cold blustery day. Not a good day for gardening at all. With that being said it was a good day to work on my product line. I put the finishing touches on the standard 3 x 3 elevated garden. This garden is ideal for the eldely who find it hard to get down on thier knees let alone getting back up. It works great for those who are reliant on a wheel chair or mobility device. Let's not forget to mention kids, what a great way to get them off the couch, out away from the TV and internet and video games and get them outside and enjoy what nature hase to offer. I know that other parts of the country are allready busy with thier gardens, while here in the Red River Valley we have another month before we can get serious outside.

Just a quick update, all of my plants that I have started indoors are doing fantastic.

Keep Those Fingers Dirty!

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