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Happy Easter

want to take time and wish all of you a blessed Easter. Easter is a time of renewed hope in all that is good. For us here in the upper midwest it means that planting will soon be happening and the enjoyment of the great outdoors and warm spring days are only a couple of weeks away.

I remember my grandpa always planted potatoes on Good Friday, even if it meant breaking through the frozen ground with a hammer and a screwdriver, he would at least plant one hill. He had faith in that knowing that God would bring up that seed.

Faith and gardening go hand in hand, God provides explosive potential in each seed, think of a tiny carrot seed, all we have to do is basically put it in the ground and wait, God does the rest. Inside of each seed is the potential for growth, each seed is a self contained nursery that provides the needed nutrients and energy to sprout the young plant. Once the plant sprouts then it is the gardeners duty to tend to that sprout and nurture it until it matures and is ready to provide the harvest that we anxiously await.

Life is a miracle and we need to remember that, as God provides the care for a new seed, it is our job to provide the care that it needs to mature. We have a duty to be the gardener not only in the garden of plants but also to provide nurturing in the garden of people. That is God's desire for us. Man planted the seed that was Jesus in the ground, God brought that seed up out of the ground, and now we get to wait and watch to see the harvest that will be the kingdom of God.

Keep Those Fingers Dirty!

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