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Go Fund Me

Your generous donations provide people who suffer from various conditions such as, dementia, mobility or developmental issues, and even blindness receive elevated gardens, making gardening a possibility for them once again or for the very first time. Based on the concept of Square Foot Gardening developed by Mel Bartholomew, our elevated gardens are designed to be handicap accessible. The dimensions of each elevated garden allows people to tend to their gardens whether they sit or stand. Each garden recipient also receives a copy of Mel's book and personal instruction and guidance from Square Foot Gardening For The Red River Valley.

Our goal is to raise $3000, which will allow us to build and deliver elevated gardens, supply the soil mix, book, and personal guidance as well as provide hope for tomorrow. From April 15th to June 1st for every dollar donated, there will be a match up to $500 by a very generous believer in our mission. Please give thoughtful consideration to our mission. Visit our Go Fund Me page to learn more and donate.

Together we can help everyone Keep Those Fingers Dirty!

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