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NOTICE: Spring has been delayed so that we can bring winter to you in its entirety.


Here it is April 3, 2018 it is currently 21 degrees F outside and we still have 3 fresh inches of snow from Easter weekend. I am reminded of and old Ole and Lars joke that went like this:

Ole: Lars do you know vat Easter is?

Lars: Yes, Ole I fer sure do der den.

Ole: Vould you explain it to me by golly?

Lars: Vell Ole, it is like dis here, Jesus was stuck to a big fence post and they put a ring of barbed vire onto his head.

Ole: Oh fer awful.

Lars: And den they nailed his hands and feet to the post with some big long pole barn spikes right true his hands and feet.

Ole: By golly dat would sting.

Lars: Den dey hung him der to die. And ven he gave up da ghost dey burried him in a big bear cave and rolled a big rock in front to be sure he didn't get out.

Ole: Ya, den vat happened?

Lars; After tree days in dat bear den he rolled the stone away, and wouldn't ya know it he walked out of der as right as rain.

Ole: Den vhat?

Lars: Jesus saw his shadow and vee had six more veeks of vinter den.

I know that this account of the resurrection is somewhat tainted and some artistic license was taken but I am starting to wonder none the less.

So in hopes of finding the silver lining in this cloud, we know that we have a couple more weeks to rest up before we have to hit it hard but I have a spring itch that just needs scratching. I see posts on facebook and other social media of people putting in their spring gardens awhile I am still shoveling a path to the outhouse. It could be worse...Jesus could have seen his shadow Sunday...

Keep Your FIngers Dirty!!


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