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Rain Dancing

For the second spring in a row it seems as though my gardens are suffering from a lack of rain. Regardless of how good my soil is, how high my germination rate of my seeds are, or even how optimal the temperatures are, the lack of rain will keep my garden from producing.

There is nothing better than a good soaking rain to refresh the earth, to replenish the reserves, and give the plants the well deserved drink that they need after exerting all of their energy into sprouting. You can water from a hose until your water meter wears out but it will never compare to a good, slow inch or two of heaven sent rain. Rain water contains many of the things that plants want and even more of the things that a plant doesn't want. The chemicals that are found in municipal water supplies such as chlorine and fluoride are not exactly what plants want, most plants don't suffer from tooth decay, and chlorine and fluoride is adding salt that is not needed either.

So what do you do when a good rain is needed? Pray, hope, wait... what more can you do? Maybe a well choreographed rain dance is in order, but can we really rely on such things as a rain dance? Yes, we can, I have the secret to a successful rain dance, it works every time...don't stop dancing until it rains.

"Keep Those Fingers Dirty!"


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