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February 2nd and Groundhog says early spring. Time to start thinking GARDENING!!!!

It is not very often that the groundhog predicts an early spring, but I am not one to argue with him when he has good news.

Since Christmas Eve, I have been regularly receiving seed catalogs and I just love getting them in my mailbox. There is nothing quite like dreaming of warm spring days filled with all my favorite gardening chores. I don't have any gardening chores that I don't like. I even find joy in pulling weeds. You can find the good in most anything when you look to see it. We have had record setting cold in my part of Minnesota and North Dakota, last week we had -36 degrees and almost -70 degree wind chill, and it was my stack of seed catalogs that warmed my heart and soul through those bitter days.

So I start planning my gardening season by looking through my catalogs, wondering what new things I might try and dreaming of a warm sun on my back and a warm breeze blowing the fragrant smells of spring.

"Keep Those Fingers Dirty!"


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